Cycling as a catalyst for achieving a higher quality standard of urban life.

‘Lüleburgaz bisiklete biniyor – Cycling for a better city’ is a roadmap for designing an Inclusive Bicycle Masterplan. It investigates how to unleash the full potential of cycling in order to improve various aspects of urban development. The study explores cycling as a catalyst for change towards a more sustainable, healthy, inclusive and democratic urban environment and society.The book is much more than a bicycle masterplan for a specific city. It represents not only an approach to traffic engineering but a holistic vision addressing hardware, software and orgware aspects in order to improve cycling and urban life at the same time. Using the example of the city of Lüleburgaz, this book formulates recommendations and general principles for cycling in (midsized) Turkish towns. But the content is also relevant for smaller towns and larger metropolises in Türkiye and other countries that do not (yet) have a well-developed cycling culture and cycling infrastructure.

Cycling for abetter city is a cooperation among Novusens, Artgineering and Sustainable Solutions.