As the roadshow event has been postponed from 2020 to 2021 due to pandemic restrictions on international travel among other things, an opportunity has presented itself to promote the design guide book at Green Tales event of the Dutch Embassy in Türkiye during the pandemic times.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, before the roadshow took place, the design guide book has been show-cased at events of the `Green Tales of the City` initiative of Dutch Embassy in Türkiye. The Design Guide book has been presented either through the opening speeches of Ambassador Marjanne de Kwaasteniet and/or has been given as a gift to the mayor and governor of the cities by the ambassador in private meetings: Gaziantep (19 September 2020, European Mobility Week), Kahramanmaraş (20 September 2020, European Mobility Week), Çorum (11 November 2020), Adana (20 April 2021) and Mersin (21 April 2021).

The above-mentioned collaboration with the Dutch Embassy in Türkiye contributed to the objective of `Creating awareness on cycling and disseminating the know-how on hardware, software and orgware of the Inclusive Bicycle Masterplan / Designbook`. The design guide book will continue to be showcased in other cities such as below even after the ending of the project: Rize (15 September 2021, European Mobility Week), Trabzon (16 September 2021, European Mobility Week)

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