Bengalore, India

Directorate Urban Land and Transport DULT Karnataka

University of Amsterdam, CWI, APPM, Municipality of Amsterdam, RingRing

The Directorate Urban Land and Transport (DULT) of the state of Karnataka (india) requested our Dutch team to support them to develop a masterplan cycling which can serve as a framework for bicycle policy in Karnataka city’s. The framework for this masterplan cycling is been developed in two local workshops in 2015 and a proposal in 2016. The relation between cycling and public transport is an important aspect in this framework. The introduction of bike sharing system is an second important element.

Bengalore has as main city in the state with 8 million inhabitants the biggest problems with accessibility and health due to heavy air pollution and lack of physical exercise of its citizens due to the use of cars.

 In order to avoid similar problems as in Bengalore the city of Mysore introduced a bike sharing program and started to execute a program of bicycle infrastructure. Bengalore is preparing the introduction of a bike sharing program and has constructed already some bicycle infrastructure. The front runners re middle class higher educated people who are not accepted the air pollution and very long travel time in cars anymore. A car free Sunday is taking place on a regular bases in parts of the city, organized by this groups of bicycle front runners supported by the municipality and DULT. Bengalore has good conditions for cycling. It is flat, has a nice climate, trees for shadow. Bengalore is one of the bicycle front runners city’s in India.

Sustainable Solutions has supported DULT and coordinated the Netherlands Bicycle Partnership team with the development of their bicycle policy.

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