Teheran, Iran


Municipality of Tehran, Department of traffic and air pollution

Municipality The Hague, RAF consulting engineers, APPM, Artgeneering, RingRing

Commissioned by the municipality a Bicycle Masterplan Tehran (BMT) is been developed last summer. It is an integrated strategy for a period of five year for the first phase for this huge city of 9 million population. Tehran is suffering under air pollution and traffic jam. Key element of the BMT is the introduction of cycling as the first and last mile mode of transport linked with metro network. A save and connected network of bicycle paths with a number of 200 km will be constructed in the centre districts. The bicycle modal share will be increased to 1.5% in the city as a whole and a higher percentage in the city centre.

The BMT includes besides the investment in bicycle infrastructure also a social and cultural strategy. A marketing strategy related to the front runners such as students, employees of the municipality, banks and government institutions.  Preconditions as the improvement of legislation for the protection of cyclists against cars and enforcement to avoid the abuse of the bicycle paths by motorcycles are also important elements in the BMT. Special police forces on bicycles will execute the enforcement to protect the bicycle front runners in the heavy car traffic in the city.

The municipality has appointed a project leader and a integrated task force responsible for the implementation of the BMT. The municipality has allocated the need budget for the first year of the implementation.

Sustainable Solution has developed he BMT as coordinating partner in the Netherlands Bicycle Partnership and in close cooperation with our Iranian partner company Rayaft Andhish Farda (RAF).

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