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Sustainable Solutions is a international operating organization that facilitates sustainable mobility, clean energy and urban development in emerging economies and developing countries. Our primary focus is on projects that have a strong positive impact on local society.
There is a world to gain – literally and figuratively – in emerging and developing regions. By sharing knowledge with local partners, significant progress can be made in reducing carbon emissions and improving air quality, accessibility and overall quality of life. The local population will benefit 
through better health and social emancipation. But these changes also will have a global impact. Sharing our knowledge and know-how is both an opportunity and a responsibility for the Western world.


Sustainable Solutions acts as partner in all phases of a project: from problem analysis, to developing a solution, to implementation. We actively seek collaboration with Dutch and international partners that complement each other, like including private parties, public institution (Municipalities of Amsterdam, Lüleburgaz and Bengalore) in the field of sustainable mobility in large cities. It has a focus on the bicycle as a relevant mode of transport developed in an integrated strategy including the three elements of Hardware (infastructure), Software (social and cultural elements) and Orgware (management preconditions). Aiming at transfer of knowledge and experience through a capacity building approach.




Chennai bicycle masterplan (February 2023)

Chennai (Tamil Nadu) is developing a new Masterplan on urban planning, including sustainable and better mobility in the city. The local government aims to include cycling as regular mode of transport in this masterplan to improve the air quality, health, accessibility and reduce CO2 emissions. In cooperation with the Dutch consulate Sustainable Solutions is organizing a Roundtable meeting with the stakeholders is scheduled in February. Aim is to discuss this matters with the stakeholders and...

Capacity building on Cycling infrastructure for urban environment (February 2023)

A five-day capacity building training on the topic of urban cycling and its associated infrastructure in Bengaluru for about 50 government officials from 4 states (Karnataka, Gujarat, Orissa, and Kerala) will be conducted. The Directorate of Urban and Land Transport (DULT) and the Government of Karnataka will be the anchor institute for the training program. The training take place in February 2023 in the Karnataka training center in Mysuru. Sustainable Solutions Dirk de jager will participate...
Mumbai, Bicycle Mayor Firoza.

Orientation trip India (November/December 2022)

Due to a period of service as Deputy Mayor in Amsterdam SouthEast (2018 - 2022) and the effects of Covid there have been a absence in India of Sustainable Solutions for period of 4/5 years. From 11 November till 18 December 2022 Dirk de Jager made a trip to a couple of Indian cities of the present situation and don the developments on urban cycling. Mumbai, Mangalore, Bangalore and Chennai have been visited. Bicycle tours, talks with the responsible local authorities, the Bicycle mayors and...

Cycling for a better city roadshow Türkiye (2020 and 2021)

As the roadshow event has been postponed from 2020 to 2021 due to pandemic restrictions on international travel among other things, an opportunity has presented itself to promote the design guide book at Green Tales event of the Dutch Embassy in Türkiye during the pandemic times. Taking advantage of this opportunity, before the roadshow took place, the design guide book has been show-cased at events of the `Green Tales of the City` initiative of Dutch Embassy in Türkiye. The Design Guide book...
Lüleburgaz. Het booklet, Cycling for a better city.

Cycling for a better city, Lüleburgaz (2019)

Cycling as a catalyst for achieving a higher quality standard of urban life. ‘Lüleburgaz bisiklete biniyor - Cycling for a better city’ is a roadmap for designing an Inclusive Bicycle Masterplan. It investigates how to unleash the full potential of cycling in order to improve various aspects of urban development. The study explores cycling as a catalyst for change towards a more sustainable, healthy, inclusive and democratic urban environment and society.The book is much more than a bicycle...

Bicycle masterplan Tehran (2017)

Place: Teheran, Iran Client: 
Municipality of Tehran, Department of traffic and air pollution Partners: Municipality The Hague, RAF consulting engineers, APPM, Artgeneering, RingRing Commissioned by the municipality a Bicycle Masterplan Tehran (BMT) is been developed last summer. It is an integrated strategy for a period of five year for the first phase for this huge city of 9 million population. Tehran is suffering under air pollution and traffic jam. Key element of the BMT is the...

Bicycle masterplan Bengalore (2016)

Place:Bengalore, India Client:Directorate Urban Land and Transport DULT Karnataka Partners:University of Amsterdam, CWI, APPM, Municipality of Amsterdam, RingRing The Directorate Urban Land and Transport (DULT) of the state of Karnataka (india) requested our Dutch team to support them to develop a masterplan cycling which can serve as a framework for bicycle policy in Karnataka city’s. The framework for this masterplan cycling is been developed in two local workshops in 2015 and a proposal in...


I started my career in 1989 as project leader for an alliance of local trade unions, farmers’ organisations, international research agencies and the international trade union IUF. My brief was to strengthen the position of plantation workers and small farmers in the cocoa industry. In four years’ time I worked in Brazil, Ecuador, Ghana, Malay, Hungary and the US. My work formed the starting point for the production of Fair Trade chocolate.

In 1993 I became project leader for the European trade union EFC-IUF. I travelled to nearly all EU countries to advise on the development of European work councils at multinationals in the food industry.

After seven years abroad, I relocated to Amsterdam in 1996 to work as an executive at the Dutch trade union FNV in Amsterdam.

From 2002 to 2014 I worked as Deputy Mayor in the Amsterdam West District, responsible for transport, public space, sustainability and the development of two residential areas. In that period I created room for cyclists, pedestrians, children and flora.

In 2014 I started Sustainable Solutions because I believe in approaching the human aspect in relation tourban development including public space an. From 2018 till 2022 I was Deputy Mayor in the Amsterdam SouthEast district responsible for Urban development including mobility and Energy transition. Since autumn 2022 again Im active with Sustainable Solutions with a focus on the introduction of bicycles as a regular sustainable mode of transport in cities. We are active in India and Turkya. The central thought in my work is that improvements in the physical environment always affect social conditions. Think globally, act locally. Feel locally, act globally.