By the end of 2018, Delhi may get its first elevated, covered cycle track.

The Delhi government has submitted the proposed design of a 6-km long, 20-feet wide cycle track that will start from Satpula drain (Press Enclave Road, Saket) to Barapullah (Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium). Officials said the proposal has been sent to Unified Traffic and Transportation Infrastructure (planning & engineering) Centre (UTTIPEC) – the body that clears all transportation projects/ transport engineering solutions in Delhi. They said UTTIPEC may “approve the project” soon. The project is expected to cost around Rs50 million.

Solar panels will be installed on the roof of the track. The track will be covered so that riders are safe from sun and rain. CCTV cameras will be installed on the streetlights to ensure safety of commuters.
“It will also become a tourist destination as we are planning benches for people to sit and organise various other activities,” a PWD official said.Officials said the Barapullah corridor will also have a cycle track and combined with the proposed elevated biking highway, it will create a large stretch which could then be used safely by cyclists.

The cycle track is planned to run along the Satpula drain, a weir or water dam that was built by Mohammad Bin Tughlaq in 1323. It served as a defensive wall and a water dam. The corridor is proposed parallel to the 5.5-km-long drain and we will develop greenery on the corridor to save the historic water dam.

“There will be stations and pick up points. Cycles will also be available on rent. The policy of AAP government is to build cycle track, wherever we are constructing flyovers. The government representative then said that the “track would be safe for riders from 8 to 80 years”.